Hand care

Every day is a fresh start! Our vegan hand care products come with happy, funky labels that make you want to dance in the morning. Kick ass in the afternoon. And cuddle in the evening. Or maybe dance again! As long as you are happy, who cares!

  • 100% vegan

    100% vegan

  • Bottle 100% recycled

    Bottle 100% recycled

  • Free from sulfates and dyes

    Free from sulfates and dyes

  • Made in The Netherlands

    Made in The Netherlands

Hand care

A must-have hand care collection with a luxurious look and feel, available in different prints. The scent kumquat & bourbon vanilla creates a comforting mood. The most popular combination in this hand care line is our vegan hand soap and hand lotion. And you can also create a beautiful kitchen sink with the matching kitchen cleaning soap. Bring luxury to your home with magical designs and quotes or experience the fun of gift-giving by mix-or-matching the different prints of our hand care.

Good hand care

Our hand skincare line has delicious products for your beautiful soft hands. Every season asks for some extra nourished skin, so treat your hands with love. The hand care products from The Gift Label are cruelty free, vegan, and made in The Netherlands. The bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and come with happy labels and prints. What a fun way to nourish yourself with hand skincare.

Hand care gift 

Create a special gift set for a special someone. Our hand care products are available in a cute hand care gift set. Surprise someone with a gift box filled with love for the hands. Want to create a gift set of your choice? No problem, our hand care products are easy to mix-and-match and can be wrapped in a pretty gift wrap. Add a sweet greeting card to your hand care gift. 

Hand care products

Our hand care products are nourishing and well-designed. The perfect gift for a loved one. The delicious scent of kumquat & bourbon vanilla comfort the sense and surround your kitchen or bathroom with delicious fragrances. Say no to dry hands with our hand lotion or our new hand cream in a tube. The hand cream tube is the perfect travel size to take wherever you go. This line offers hand care products that are good for you and for our planet. Give someone one of these nourishing hand care products.

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