Greeting cards

Sending a sweet message to someone is always a good idea. Step 1: Pick a card, we have confetti cards, cut-out cards, and greeting cards. Leave your message to make it extra personal. Step 2. Pick a gift from our webshop. 3. Go to your shopping cart with those items and add a gift wrap and confetti if you like! Better than a text! Signed, sealed, delivered!

P.s. Unfortunately it is not possible to add emojis to your message.

  • Recycled envelope

    Recycled envelope

The most awesome birthday, greetings and wish cards

The most awesome birthday, greetings, and wish cards! Sending an online greeting card is always a good idea! The Gift Label has a card line with the happiest confetti cards, cut out cards and other greeting cards. And even a special Baby Line edition!

Send your online birthday, wish and greeting-cards

Send your online birthday, wish, and greeting-cards. And surprise a friend who deserves it!

All sorts of cards - sent festively

We have all sorts of cards for every occasion! Take a look at the friendship cards, festive congratulation cards or, our special birthday cards! Leave a personal message and we will put it on your card. Signed, sealed, delivered!

Combine your card with a personal and complimentary gift!

Combine your card with a personal and complimentary gift. You can add something nice extra and send it as a gift with the card! We have delicious care products and delicious candles with the sweetest labels! You can send the gift and the card online and have it delivered directly to the lucky one

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